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Pro Training Camp Experience

Terms and Conditions


In consideration of the acceptance of their entry in the Pro Training Camp Experience by Tudor Pro Cycling  participants agree to observe the event regulations of the management and organizers of this event.

  • Participants have the sole responsibility for their personal possessions and athletic equipment during the Pro Training Camp Exeprience, and its related activities. All claims against the organizers and any other person for loss or damage to objects are waived and realeased. This is not applicable if the damage is subject to grossly careless or willful act ion on the part of the organizers.

  • Participants must be physically fit and will participate in physically fit conditions.

  • Participants must have valid health insurance.

  • Medical treatment that may be deemed advisable in the event of injury, accident and/or illness during the Pro Training Camp Experience, will be received by the participants, at their own costs.

  • Participants accept the use of their name, any images and other audio and video recordings in broadcasts, telecasts, the press, internet and in all types of printed material, including advertisements for this or other similar events, if the images etc. pertain to the organizer.

  • Participants permit the free use of their electronically registered data for co-operation partners of the organization.

  • The participants release the organizers and managers of the Pro Training Camp Experience from any liability claims. Included herein are all direct and indirect damages and injuries the participants suffered or in the result of death. This is not applicable if the damage or injury is subject to grossly careless or willful action of the organizers and managers.

  • In case of cancellation by the participant, 50% of the amount paid at registration will be retained.

  • In the case of cancellation by the participant during the event, participants are responsible for their own transport/travel to the destination or starting point. The organizer is in no way responsible for assisting participants with transport and will not be liable for any costs associated with this.

  • Cancellations or modifications due to low enrolment. Up to the event finalization date, the organizer reserves the right to reschedule or cancel the training camp in case of an insufficient number of participants enrolled. The participants will be responsible for all costs associated with independent travel arrangements.

  • The participants acknowledge and agree that the participation in the Pro Training Camp Experience could be dangerous and involve the risk of serious injury and/or death and/or property damage.

  • The participants permit the use of their data for newsletter mailings and SMS services. The data will not be given to other entities or used for commercial advertisement other than Tudor Pro Cycling and Chasing Cancellara promotions and information. With their registration, the participants are automatically registered to the Tudor Pro Cycling and Chasing Cancellara newsletters. It is the participants’ responsibility to provide to the organizer a valid email address. Participants understand that email is the event official way of communication.

  • Participants have taken note of the protective measures within the framework of Covid19 and will comply with them.

  • Participants understand that the language of the Pro Training Experience is English.


The organizer reserves the right to change or modify the basic information or cancel the event because of force majeure or due to official orders. Further claims cannot be asserted.


Swiss law is applicable, place of jurisdiction for possible disputes is the Regionalgericht Bern Mittelland.

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