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Sebastian Kolze Changizi (DEN)

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Get to know Sebastian

DATE OF BIRTH: 29.12.2000
HOBBIES:  I like watching football, I‘m a big fan of Manchester United.

SPECIALITY: Rouleur, Leadout

BEST MOMENT OF YOUR CAREER: It is hard to only pick one, because for me the memories I have is having fun and riding my bike with good friends, in my whole career. If I have to pick one memory, it would be Arvid's win at Milano-Torino this year.

DREAM RACE: World Championships and Paris-Roubaix

FAVORITE TRAINING ROUTE: No special one, I like to go new places and discover new roads, so as soon as I have the opportunity I go somewhere new.

MOST DARING MOMENT IN YOUR LIFE: Signing with Tudor Pro Cycling and becoming a part of this journey.

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