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Zachary Walker (GBR)

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Get to know Zac

DATE OF BIRTH: 06.02.2004
FAVOURITE DISH: Stir-fry and cereal with peanut butter.
HOBBIES: I like to cook, this helps when being a cyclist and eating so much!

BEST MOMENT OF YOUR CAREER: This would be last year at the Tour de Gironde, I won the final stage and it was great to celebrate with all my teammates and friends to conclude a really enjoyable trip.

DREAM RACE: The Tour de France, this was the one I have always watched since being a child. It would be great to race for 3 weeks, covering all areas of France and having crazy amounts of support from the spectators on the side of the road.

FAVORITE TRAINING ROUTE: At home every Christmas Eve we do a lap of the Island (Isle of Man), this takes about 5 hours and is super enjoyable especially with all riders home for Christmas.

MOST DARING MOMENT IN YOUR LIFE: Probably not daring in a good way but I think crashing my car was very daring!

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