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The Next Generation Is Here: Meet Tudor Pro Cycling U23

Thirteen riders, six nationalities and an average age of 20,5; this is the Tudor Pro Cycling U23 Team.


With a mix of "more experienced" riders and riders stepping up from the junior ranks, Tudor Pro Cycling U23 is ready to take on the new season and shine at the biggest races of the U23 international calendar such as Paris-Roubaix, Ronde de l'Isard, Paris-Tours and the Giro Next Gen.

  • Samuele Alari (ITA), 19

  • Victor Benareau (SUI), 19

  • Robin Donzé (SUI), 21

  • Matteo Gross (GER), 20

  • Roman Holzer (SUI), 21

  • Frederik Lykke Grann (DEN), 20

  • Aivaras Mikutis (LTU), 22

  • Tim Rey (SUI), 20

  • Mathys Rondel (FRA), 21

  • Arnaud Tendon (SUI), 22

  • Juan David Sierra (ITA), 19

  • Joël Tinner (SUI), 20

  • Fabian Weiss (SUI), 22

Tudor Pro Cycling U23 aims at developing riders in their professional and private lives, with a possible switch to the Pro Team if and when the time comes.


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