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Fabian Weiss (SUI)

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Get to know Fabian

DATE OF BIRTH: 11.04.2002

HOBBIES: Meeting friends, reading and cooking.

BEST MOMENT OF YOUR CAREER: One of my best memoriess on the bike is for sure my first junior victory. It was quite a special one because I went solo with 40km to the finish which was more than half of the race, so I was pretty suprised that I made it till the finish.

DREAM RACE: I would really like to compete in a Grand Tour. I also really like the classics at the beginning of the season.

FAVORITE TRAINING ROUTE: When I'm alone I like to try to get as many altitude meters as possible. When I'm with friends I like to do a route where we know a good coffee on to do a little stop. ;)

MOST DARING MOMENT IN YOUR LIFE: Starting my vocational baccalaureate in self-study after the woman from the school told me during 15min on the phone to not do it like this.


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