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Our Best Giro Moments

A few riders and members of the staff share their best memories of Tudor Pro Cycling first ever Grand Tour.

Clément, Soigneur

“My best moment during this Giro was when I saw Florian Stork cross the finish line on stage 19. I massaged him during the entire Giro, and I know how challenging the race has been for him. He was really sick and tired for more than a week and thought many times of stopping and going home. I was just proud and happy to see him finishing this hard stage. I knew that he would then make it to Rome.”

Andrea, Bus Driver

“My favorite moment was watching sprint finishes on the bus TV screen together with other members of the staff. We could really feel the tension and adrenaline. Stage 18 finishing in Padova was very special as Alberto came very close to winning in his hometown. I also really enjoyed building relationships with the riders, sharing thoughts as they sat in the front seat of the bus while I was driving.”


Elisa, Press Officer

“I really enjoyed the days in Livigno, especially the finish of stage 15 at the top of Mottolino. The road to the summit was never ridden in a road race before and riders were really exhausted when they made it to the finish. It was impressive to see. Also, I used to work in Livigno so it was nice to return in these circumstances. My mum, my sister and friends were on the side of the road. We also stayed in the hotel where I used to work so I could combine my past and new lives for a couple of days. It was really nice.”


Robin, Rider

“For me, it was the end of stage 15 of the Giro, at the top of Mottolino next to a ski slope in Livigno. I knew that if I could cross the finish line that day I would make it to Rome. I was really afraid of this stage. It had the most kilometers, the most climbing so I was really relieved when I crossed the finish line.”

Luis, Mechanic

“I loved following Michael during stage 19 when Monte Grapa was climbed twice. I was in the DS car following him and tension increased as he came closer and closer to the GC top-10. We couldn’t see much from the car but were really crossing our fingers that the downhill would go well. What a relief when he made it to the bottom, and what a joy when his top-10 got confirmed later on.”


Matteo, Rider

“I completed a few Grand Tours already and I can say that this one was one of my favorites. My happiest moment was when Michael’s Top-10 was confirmed. For us as a young team, it was a great achievement.”

Bram, Chef

“It’s really hard to pick one, so I will give two. The first one was watching the sprint finish in Padova from my hotel room. Sven (the other chef) and I were done with preparing food for dinner, so we had a bit of a quiet moment. We switched the TV on and were literally screaming and jumping on the bed when Daino launched his sprint. The second one was when Michael’s GC Top-10 got confirmed on Saturday. I was on my way home already and started honking of happiness on the highway (laughs)!”



Ainhoa, Nutritionist

“Being in Monte Grapa, feeling the atmosphere there and realizing the magic of cycling. I was there in the rain and cold temperatures waiting with bottles for the riders. There were so many people, old and young, riding their bikes up the mountain, suffering but so happy to be there. People came to talk to us, to offer food, they were screaming “Tudor ! Tudor! Tudor!” while waiting for the riders in the pouring rain. It was simply magic. On top of it, the landscape was also incredible, very unique. I loved it.”


Matteo "Toso", Sports Director

"The second half of the last week of Giro was my favorite time. The team showed a very strong performance then. I really liked the way the team rode stage 18 finishing in Padova with Alex, Florian, Matteo, Robin riding at the front for Alberto. And the penultimate stage with Michael riding with the best 5 guys of this Giro behind Pogacar, and achieving a top-10 in the GC was also very special."

Hugo, Mechanic

"Without a doubt the best moment for me was making it to the last stage of the Giro with Michael finishing in 10th place. It was special because the team fought in every stage for a stage win that unfortunately didn't come. This 10th place was a deserved award for all the teamwork, it was like a victory."

Umberto, Osteopath

“It was when the entire soigneurs team arranged a surprise for my birthday. They filled my room with plenty of colorful bladder balloons and organized a dinner with my girlfriend. It was so nice of them to think of it in such a busy period for the team. I will also forever remember the hug with Daino on the finish line in Padova. It wasn’t the happiest, but for sure the most emotional one.”


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