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What Is In A Rider’s Suitcase?

Tudor Pro Cycling Lay Down Suitcase What's in Marco Brenner

For teams, races start earlier than the official date. Riders travel and gather up a couple of days before to have an easy ride or recon all together. For this year’s Tour de Suisse, the team met in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, where Marco Brenner opened his suitcase and showed his essentials.


Despite his young age, Marco is very used to packing. “It’s part of my life as cyclist, packing, unpacking and packing again. It has become very easy by now; I don’t need my packing list anymore!” With the support of the team, he travels rather lightly but there are a few essentials that he never leaves at home.

1 and 2. His Dagsmejan sleeping mask and pajamas: “I use the mask in case blinds are not good enough. I like to sleep in complete darkness. When it comes to the pajamas, I must admit I didn’t really believe it at first, but they help me to sleep better. They are especially made for athletes’ recovery. I like trying new things, especially when it comes to sleep and recovery as I can be picky about that.”

3. His favourite nut butters: "One peanut butter and one hazelnut cocoa spread. I like to put that on my oats for breakfast or just as a snack with a banana or so.”

4. A book: “As everyone, I spend quite some time scrolling on my phone when lying in bed or during transfers. But I also like to read a few pages before falling asleep. This book “The Laws of Human Nature” from Robert Greene is about human behavior and how understanding it better can improve relationships and careers. Very interesting.”

5. His Blackroll pillow: “This pillow was a revelation. I have used it everywhere I go since we received it at the training camp in January. I also use it at home. This way I have the same pillow everywhere which really helps for a good night’s sleep.”

6. His Abus helmet: “It is usually brought by the team from Service Course. This one is the Airbreaker which I like to use in the mountains. With so much climbing here this week, it will be my go-to helmet.”

7. His Oakley sunglasses: “These ones are the Radar EV Path but I also really like the Sutro Lite Sweep so I juggle between the two models.”

Tudor Pro Cycling Marco Brenner

8. His Blackroll recovery blanket: “Duvets are different from one hotel to another. And, although they are usually good, they can be thinner or thicker, more or less warm. So, I always have my blanket in the suitcase. It is light and offers optimal temperature.”

9 and 13. His Assos Team kit and chamois Cream: Jersey, bibs shorts and aero socks. For warm and fast days, I use a skinsuit which offers optimal body temperature regulation and aerodynamics. I also pack chamois cream when going to stage races. It can help especially in case of long days in the saddle and bad weather conditions.”

10. His BOSS down jacket: “I always have it with me. It doesn’t matter the season; it is always in my suitcase. You never know what the temperatures will be like, especially when going to mountainous areas like Switzerland.”

11. His Wahoo Elemnt Bolt V2: “It is an integral part of my bike. I never ride without it be in at races or in training. In races, I mainly use it to check distances and my power output in long climbs.”

12. His Suplest shoes: “I use the Edge+ 2.0 Road Pro model with customized soils. A couple of months ago, I received a pair of the Tudor Pro Cycling limited edition. Love it! My shoes always travel with me as they are impossible to replace. I never place them in the aircraft hold.”

To allow riders to travel as light as possible, the team brings a lot of additional equipment including spare clothes and helmets, race nutrition and special equipment for time trials. The race bikes are transported from race to race by the team after a complete check at the Service Course in Sursee.


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